Friday, September 30

The Creative Value in Extreme Brevity

Meaningful messages in just six words?
Hemingway could do it; why can't we?
His most frequently cited example follows:
"For sale: Baby shoes.  Never worn."

High-intensity meaning.  Just six words.
What else could we thus condense?
Perhaps those creative provocations could shrink ... 
  • What if that was upside-down?
  • Could the cart proceed the horse?
  • Why sell that?  We could buy!
  • Would that widget suit some stripes?
  • What would Francis of Assisi do?
  • Could B2C or G2C become B2B?

Or try a creating thinking motto--
A laconic used to drive behaviour
Michael Michalko came up with one:
"All cats look grey at night"
Prompted thus, I'll submit my own:
"Helicopter pilots spot the best paths"

Is this exercise in consicion serious?
Yes!  There's value in extreme brevity
Ask tweeters, ad men and authors
A crisp headline holds everyone's attention
And therein common understandings are established
Collaboration is kindled; the fire starts
And rages, unconstrained by excess meaning

(Inspired by Michael's excellent new book.)

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